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The Art of Extracting Latent Potential

Who Are We?

‘Success Is A Formula’ exists to unlock creative potential.

Founded by Grant Murrell in 2019, the organisation aims to apply a combination of coaching and mentoring techniques to greatly enhance the skills of creative people and entrepreneurs. These techniques are designed specifically to help maximise their ability to share their talents with the outside world. The process involves a level of exploration into the minds and talents of each individual, in order to better understand what they do and, most importantly, what inspires and drives them to do it.

By using Success Is A Formula’s techniques, individuals can become the very best they can be, therefore allowing others to be the best they can be too. These success techniques and methods can be used in the world of business to help entrepreneurs fully develop themselves, their thinking processes and their application. The arena of art and music also benefits greatly from these programmes, allowing the creative mind to be free to fully flow, to find and explore new depths of creativity. It also provides for a greatly developed and enhanced self-belief system, which is essential to sustained success. The field of sport is another area which can also benefit enormously from the designed processes, which produce a combined focus and mental stamina, while also dramatically increasing performance.

The ability to ease anxiety, stress, and depression and radically increase self-esteem, while utilising a development and enhanced emotional intelligence is paramount in the field of human achievement. In order to achieve this, the aim of Success Is A Formula is to work with individuals or teams to help them gain a true understanding of themselves, their fellow man and how best to communicate with each other. These understandings and attributes have been among mankind’s most sought-after skills since people first began interacting with each other. The education and application of these skill sets are exactly the focus of the organisation.

The mission statement of Success Is A Formula is to apply “The Art of Extracting Latent Potential” so that its mentees can become the very best version of themselves and in turn give the very best version of themselves in their lives and their careers, enabling them to create a legacy that can last for generations to come!

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