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About the Founder

Grant Murrell is an International Speaker, Success Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Consultant, NLP Trainer, Hypnotist, Human Behaviour Specialist, Radio Show Presenter and Entrepreneur.

Over the past 16 years, Grant and his international team have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, businesses, organisations, artists and musicians – from 15 countries spanning 5 continents – to increase their profits by up to 200%. This can often take place in just a matter of a few short months; for example – increasing one client’s profits by 4000% in just 4 weeks!

Grant operates by working on your team, your systems, your mindset and your strategy, to essentially help you make; “More Money, In Less Time, Have Less Stress, And More Fun And Fulfilment” in your life and your business. In turn, enabling you to design a life and a business or career that will allow you to transform your self-esteem, allowing you to fully embrace your passion, purpose, freedom, to develop your wealth and your happiness, to become the very best version of yourself and to create a legacy to last for generations and generations to come!

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